Hummer Black Deodorizing Body Spray

Hummer Black Deodorizing Body Spray

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In 2013, the story that began with HUMMER and H2 continues with HUMMER BLACK. The trio of HUMMER fragrances are based on the luxury of the ultra masculine vehicles of the same name. Though no longer in production, their legacy continues as one of the most coveted cars on the road.


  • Is the for the ultra Confident guy that lives without Rules.
  • For the man that will not be defined by Boundaries.                      
  • Is for a man that knows where he is going and always in Motion.
  • Is about being a bit Rebellious yet subtly Sophisticated.

What type of fragrance is it?


What’s in it?

TOP NOTES: Green Apple, Cypress, Violet Leaves

MID NOTES: Orris, Tobacco, Lotus Flower

BASE NOTES: Chinese Incense, Rugged Woods, Captive Musks