What Colognes Does Hummer Make?

Hummer Fragrances

Like Nothing Else

The name HUMMER is synonymous with the ultra-masculine consumer that has a passion and yearning for a thrilling adventure.

The brand’s four fragrances, HUMMER , H2, HUMMER BLACK, and HUMMER CHROME embody classic, woody, masculine scents that evoke a passion for the outdoors, a sense of adventure, a love of technology and the drive to be on the edge of excitement. Here is a brief breakdown of the fragrances that tie to the legendary HUMMER SUV!


Launched in 2004, HUMMER fragrances have become as legendary as the vehicles they represent. The now classic original fragrance is a Woody Oriental blend that will leave a long lasting impression. Sophisticated and masculine, it is the perfect accessory for any man who aspires to live on the edge. It’s not just a car, it’s a lifestyle!


Energetic, intense and sexy, HUMMER H2 is the second masculine fragrance of the famous car brand. Launched in 2005 after the success of the first scent, this new fragrance is a spicy oriental for men full of vigor, desire and power. A strong sensation, confirmed by a solid bottle and deep red packaging. It’s about not letting anything stand in the way. Where Passion meets Performance and tough is an understatement.


In 2013, the story that began with HUMMER and HUMMER H2 continues with HUMMER BLACK. The trio of HUMMER fragrances are based on the luxury of the ultra-masculine vehicles of the same name. Though no longer in production, their legacy continues as one of the most coveted cars on the road. The woody aromatic fragrance of HUMMER BLACK is for the ultra-confident guy that lives without rules.  HUMMER BLACK is for the man that will not be defined by boundaries.  It is for a man that knows where he is going and is always in Motion. It’s about being a bit Rebellious yet subtly sophisticated.                     


Inspired by one of the most distinctive design elements found on HUMMER vehicles, HUMMER CHROME is dramatically different to its predecessors. A fresh new take on a proven formula, HUMMER CHROME is a reflection of the man who wears it. Refined and modern but with a nod to the classics. It outshines the competition and makes a bold statement.